Real Estate Signs: Dos and Don’ts for Every Type of Property for Sale

Real estate signs play an important role in marketing properties and agents/agencies. They tell the people who aren’t browsing classified ads and real estate listings what’s available right now, in their favorite neighborhood.

It also gives a push to people who drive past your sign every day, who might be on the cusp of being in the market for a new home or property. If your sign is good and the real estate looks tempting enough, these things can push them over the edge to visit your website or call you.

However, that’s only if your sign is effective.

With the importance of real estate signs in mind, here are some do’s and don’ts to make your signs work for you, not against you.

Do Think About Scale for Real Estate Signs

One of the most common mistakes, according to Inman, is to make real estate signs too small in relation to the property.

A tiny sign in a big field will not only look out of place, it will be too hard to read. Interested parties who can’t read your sign also can’t contact you.

At the same time, if your sign is the size of a billboard but is meant for a little cottage with a tiny yard, it will look comically out of place. Do consider scale for your sign to avoid awkwardness and confusion.

Don’t Highlight the Wrong (or Too Much) Information

With real estate signs, you need to make the focus of the sign the agent and their contact information. People who are interested must be able to do something about it, and they need the right contact point. If you don’t highlight these things, you will miss potential sale opportunities.

Do Work with Professionals

If your sign doesn’t look professional, you won’t be taken seriously. Choose a company that can create the signs you need with the look you want. Choose The Sign Factory.