The Importance of These 5 Office Signs for Your Charlotte Business

If you are opening the doors to clients, you need to have the right office signs. Charlotte entrepreneurs occasionally underestimate the marketing and branding power of these products. At the Sign Factory, we routinely work with start-ups — as well as with established companies — and there is a clear trend that stands out. Those who early on invest in five must-have signage products usually do better than those who either skimp on them or ignore their installation altogether.

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1. Lobby Sign

There is no other interior signage solution that has the power to impact your visiting clients as much as the reception area marker. This sign single-handedly sets the tone for the experience that your clients will have — or expect to have — at your venue. A sophisticated, chic marker spells out your care and attention to details. A metal sign has the power to evoke feelings of durability and longevity. A fun sign that presents with acrylics and colors makes those in search of artistic or technical know-how realize that they have come to the right place. The material, manufacturing and color options are endless.

2. ADA Signs

Having these signs is not optional; it is the law. Yet far too often this is where small business owners make their first big mistakes. By not having these signs in place, they open themselves up to lawsuits and costly fines. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifies the look of the signs, the contrast required, the mounting height and even the mounting locations. This is why working with an expert signage professional makes a huge difference here.

3. Wayfinding

If your clients feel lost in your office building, they are far less likely to come back. A client who is already running late, nervous, or simply overwhelmed by the transaction at hand does not want to also have to worry about where to go and whom to speak to. Post and panel signs, hanging markers, wayfinding directories with arrows and simple pylons make it easy for anyone to find their way around without having to ask for directions.

4. Wall Graphics

These graphics have a large impact on the atmosphere of your office. They can provide a restful backdrop, a high-energy environment or offer a peek at niche-specific imagery that educates clients even as it works with the interior décor to beautify the office. We have worked with long-established companies that have succeeded at telling their business’ histories with little more than a graphic timeline placed on a wall in a narrow hallway.

5. Evac Maps and Exit Signs

Keep your clients and employees safe with evac maps and exit signs. The maps help your clients to chart a course to safety if there is an emergency situation. This is of particular importance when you deal with disabled clients who may need quick access to safe zones on your floor. The exit signs help everyone in your office to locate the nearest evacuation door and leave the location without forming a bottleneck at the main entrance.

Now that you know about the crucial interior business signs for Charlotte and its surrounding areas, contact our professionals at The Sign Factory to discuss your options. We will gladly visit your location for an interior signage evaluation and to get you started on the road to compliance, marketing and expert branding.