Tips When Considering Directional Signage for Your Charlotte Organization

So it is time for your Charlotte Organization to make some needed changes or updates to your directional signage. Whether you are intending to improve your interior or exterior signage needs, this task can become more time consuming than it needs to be if you are not properly prepared. Here are some tips that we would like to offer you so that you can be more prepared for the process:

  • Borrow ideas from others. When running errands, shopping, and visiting other businesses keep yourself curious as to what types of directional signage other companies are displaying. Take note of their colors, fonts, images, materials and shapes of their signs. Better yet, take a picture of the few that you like the most. By borrowing their ideas, you can create a better idea of the message you want to project with your wayfinding strategy.
  • Teamwork is vital. Incorporating the ideas of your staff, including your accounting team, communications staff, salespeople, and other members of your company can make this project more of a success than doing it by yourself. Each person has a different point of view and image that you may not have considered or seen by observing other signage. Brainstorm together and see what happens.
  • Call your local sign company. The Sign Factory works with signs every day and we can help fine tune your ideas and make them a reality. We can provide you with the sign options that are available, different colors and material choices, as well as how much your project would cost and how long it may take to design, create and install.
  • Check your budget. Ensure that your company has enough funds for this project. If you do, great. If not, then see if you are overspending in another area or make a revised plan that can be more affordable.
  • Make a plan. Once you have a basic idea of your strategy, it is important to make up a timeline. This timeline should be loosely planned as there can be more time needed for permits, revisions of art proofs, electrical work, and weather concerns (especially for exterior signs).
  • Get staff on board. Alerting staff members that there will be some changes occurring at the business will help avoid confusion. Make them aware of when the installation dates and where the new signage will be. If there are other changes that are going to be made along with the directional signage, explain this so they can adhere to them. For example, if your new signage includes handicap signs or no parking signs, instead of surprising your employees with parking lot changes, inform them beforehand.

We hope that these tips have given you some insight into how to be more prepared for the directional signage process. As a premiere Charlotte sign company, we care about supplying you the best signage options available, but also want your experience to be as peaceful as possible. Give us a call at 704-321-0040 and we will be happy to produce the signage that will help guide visitors to and around your business.

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