Types of Indoor Signs for Huntersville NC Businesses

Quite a few members of the local business community like to incorporate the town’s reputation as a recreational destination for their signage designs. This may be done by style elements that hint at waves or the color selection of the nearby lake. Of course, other business owners prefer to put a different spin on their custom interior sign designs. That said, both groups have one thing in common: the need for great indoor signs for Huntersville, NC, venues. What signage solutions do merchants and service providers order the most?

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Lobby Signs Greet Consumers and Set the Tone for a Business Experience

Hands down, the lobby sign is the most important marker you can place in your office, storefront, or any other business setting. It sums up your business philosophy and paves the way for your associates to follow up on this promise. It is fair to say that the right product can make the interactions between your staff members and the consumer at lot easier and more productive. Choose from logo boards or three-dimensional letters. A different type of lobby sign that is quickly catching on consists of a wall graphic depicting your company’s name and logo.

Wall Graphics Underscore a Brand Message With Colors, Shapes, and Image Content

You do not have to limit the use of imprinted vinyl wall graphics to the display of your lobby sign. Introduce images that depict the nearby lake or golf course. Tie in a bit of the local character that makes Huntersville popular. Combine this relaxed atmosphere with the business model to your advantage. If you prefer to go in a different direction, consider the use of niche-specific images that feature your corporate color palette and remind of your business model with shape selections. You might also use wall graphics to create a branding image underneath your suite sign.

Suite Signs Heighten the Expectation of a Professional Interaction

We like to call a suite sign the “sign before the sign,” which, of course, refers to the presentation of the lobby marker. This signage solution offers a professional appearance of your entrance and completes the door presentation. Before even entering your reception area, a prospective client takes in the suite marker that displays your name, occasionally your logo, and always Braille II dots.

ADA Signs Are Legal Requirements (But That Does Not Mean They Have to Be Boring!)

Complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a legal obligation. It is also good business. By actively assisting all consumers with wayfinding in and around your venue, you create a relaxing environment that they like to return to. Opt for high-contrast colors that integrate at least one corporate tone, durable materials such as cast metal or acrylic, and feature Braille II dots.

How to Order Indoor Signage for Huntersville, NC

Contact our graphics arts specialists at The Sign Factory in Charlotte to discuss your plans for outfitting a business in town. Whether you are opening your very first location, are moving into a new venue, plan to expand, or intend on upgrading or re-branding your current setup, we can help. When you are undertaking an inventory of current ADA markers and need a professional to visit your location with an eye on compliance, our seasoned experts can help you with that, too.

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