Using Foam Letters for Your Exterior Signs in Charlotte

How can you commission an exterior building sign that perfectly suits your company but does not break your budget? It is this stumbling block that frequently causes start-ups and small businesses to pinch pennies and omit the sign installation. This not only jeopardizes clients or customers’ ability to find you but also has the potential to adversely affect your bottom line. When you do not display a cutting edge façade marker, you are simply not seen or taken seriously as a contender in your niche. But you do have a budget-friendly option: foam.

Foam Letters Make for Attractive Exterior Signs!

Did you know that exterior-rated foam is so durable that it is now being used to manufacture monument signs? When you want this level of durability, talk to us about foam letter exterior signs for Charlotte building facades.

Economical. Since there is neither plastic nor metal involved, the cost of the material makes up the brunt of the product expense. This is an excellent starter sign or a signage product for the company that loves the attractive appearance it provides for a good long time.

Substantial appearance. These are not flimsy foam letters. Rather, we can manufacture in a wide variety of thicknesses from half an inch all the way to four inches. This type of thickness automatically stands out. Further, enhance the substantial appearance of the product by choosing denser foam. We usually recommend 15-pound planks. This should get you more than 10 years of use; perhaps even more. Certainly, you do have the option of choosing a lesser density as well.

Indoor/outdoor suitability. Did you know that using foam letter building signs for Charlotte puts you in the unique position of perfectly copying these markers for the interior as well? Once again, the material is budget-friendly, easy to paint and lets you continue the conversation your sign started on the exterior. Customers or clients frequently do a double-take when they see a lobby sign that is a smaller version of a façade marker.

Easy permitting. Since foam is lightweight, it is easy to get a permit for your proposed exterior letters. Its weight makes it an ideal material for facades made from difficult-to-work-with masonry, historic venues and similar buildings where other letter products may not be as safe to use.

Ready to Order?

Getting started on your order is easy. The Sign Factory routinely works with business owners who need a little help with the design of building letters. Whether it is a design from the ground up, a refurbishing of an existing sign or a re-branding of a famous marker, we can help. Talk to our professionals today about your desired look or change of appearance.

We gladly visit your locale for a site survey. This allows us to take in the look and feel of the neighborhood and also take the measurements required that help us with the dimensions of the product. Next, we welcome the opportunity to look over your artwork to find out the kind of typeface that you would like us to use. Lastly, we handle the permitting, manufacture and installation.

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