What Indoor Wayfinding Signage & Custom Office Signs Can Do For Your Business

When a client enters your place of business, what do you want them to notice first? Is it clear to them where they need to go or where certain things are located? These questions may sound simple, but you only get seconds to make a good impression with customers and to make them feel at ease in your space.  So, how do you make sure that you are conveying the right information?  Great indoor wayfinding signage and custom office signs, of course!


When determining which custom interior office signs could improve the look of your space and your customers’ experience inside your business, you should know that it’s more than just the words on the sign that matter.

Effective custom interior office signs should also:

  • Match your brand. Make sure that your brand’s colors are correct and that the look of the signage is consistent with your brand’s messaging.
  • Be consistent. Even signs needed for directional purposes, like wayfinding signage, needs to be consistent with the look and feel of your signage in other areas.
  • Be accurate. A regular audit of custom office signs should be part of your yearly maintenance. Sending clients in the wrong direction or having inaccurate information is a sure-fire way to lose business!
  • Be professional. You may think that quick print signs will do the job, but is that really the impression you want to make? Professionally produced custom office signs and wayfinding signage will tell your clients that you value their business.

Indoor Directional Signs Really Do Matter

Office and wayfinding signage that is done poorly can cause confusion and even drive people out of your brick and mortar space. Well-made custom interior office signs are an important part of your overall customer service strategy! Consider these signs to be like one of your team members. Proper signage helps your clients navigate your business without having to ask your other staff basic questions. Each sign can be designated a specific task, such as providing directions to specific areas, including washrooms, reception areas, individual offices, meeting spaces, and more.

It’s not necessary for you to become an expert on effective office signs. The Sign Factory will work with you to understand exactly what you need from your indoor signage. We do our best to bring you unique, cost effective and solution-based signage that will support your business’s success and enable you to serve your customers in the absolute best way possible.

Invest In Custom Interior Office Signs For Your Business. Envision, Build, & Show The World With The Sign Factory

The Sign Factory is a professional signage company that has experience creating indoor directional signs that effectively encourage and engage your customers to do business with you. We want to help you build and grow your business, and we know that our signage expertise can play a valuable part in your success. Let us point you in the right direction when it comes to proper indoor directional signage! Contact us today for a free quote.