Why You Should Consider 3D Lobby Signs in Charlotte NC

Do you want to catch the eye of everyone visiting your office? If so, then only a well-designed reception marker will do. It is tempting to suggest that folks visiting your location obviously already know about your company. While it is true that they are already somewhat sold on doing business with you, actually closing the deal takes just a bit more wooing. Having a sign that adds to the wow-effect of your products or services can make a huge difference! This is where 3D reception area signs for Charlotte, NC, businesses never disappoint.

  • Welcoming. Your company’s name and logo have a welcoming effect on visitors. It shows them that they have arrived at the right place. Recognizing the business name and logo actually puts first-time visitors at ease. After all, there is something familiar in the room.
  • Branding. What does your lobby sign say about your company? Depending on your choice of materials and colors, the marker might identify your business as being avant-garde, old-fashioned, modern, relaxed, artistic, aggressive or any other label that you want your brand to become closely associated with. Granted, simple letters do not necessarily accomplish this feat, but the combination of material choice, color selection and mode of installation have the power to communicate all that – and more!

In fact, this is why 3D lobby signs in Charlotte, NC, are catching on so quickly. It is this mode of installation that really makes the markers pop and helps your business to stand out from the competition. There are three common materials that we use when manufacturing 3D signs with great success:

Foam Letters

When the budget is a major consideration in your signage purchase, you cannot go wrong with foam. This material is extremely durable and attractive. Our experienced signage professionals at The Sign Factory can shape the material to take on any font or size you wish. Painting the material to complement or contrast your wall color is a snap. If you want to add a bit of sophistication, consider the use of acrylic laminates. By the way, a foam is also the material of choice when you really want to make your sign pop by increasing the 3D effect to the extreme.

Metal Laminate

Using an acrylic substrate, we mount metal laminate for a sophisticated, minimalist, high-tech or cutting-edge appearance. Many of our customers who request this laminate are from the electronics, IT or legal services sectors. Metal impresses longevity, modernism and a here-to-stay attitude. Choose from polished or brushed aluminum, brass, gold, copper or bronze.

Acrylic Letters

When your company is known for its creativity and innovative nature, this is the material that bespeaks its attitude. The laser-cut letters ensure exact executions of even the most intricate logo design. There are 32 standard colors available although we gladly paint your lobby sign to be any hue that you desire. You choose the thickness to get the best 3D effect that complements your lobby’s setup. If you are engaging the assistance of an interior designer when putting together your reception area, we suggest letting us work with the professional to adapt the size and precise color of the acrylic dimensional letters to be perfectly in tune with your design.

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