2 Types of Must-Have Contractor Signs for Mint Hill NC

What are the two must-have contractor signs Mint Hill, NC, professionals have come to rely on for marketing, branding and generating name recognition? The answer is simple: vehicle graphics and contractor yard signs. What makes these signage products so effective, and how can you maximize your marketing experience by displaying them?

1. Vehicle Graphics Generate Name Awareness


When you want your company’s moniker to become a local household name, you cannot do better than with contractor vehicle graphics for Mint Hill, NC. A properly treated vehicle features your company’s name, its logo, contact information and any graphics that underline the niche you are in. For example, a mold remediation company might choose heavy rain clouds for its graphics while an electrician could opt for lightning bolts.

It is possible to combine graphics with lettering or simply use the lettering alone to make your impression on motorists and pedestrians alike. Experts at the Sign Factory recommend that at least one or two graphics should accompany your lettering. You see, it is the use of colorful displays that catch the eye while it is the lettering that keeps the eye occupied. To get the consumer to look at your display in the first place, adding graphics to the mix is a good idea.

Of course, when you are parked in front of a customer’s home, the graphics do not really factor into this equation. It is at this juncture that a well-structured display of your business information has the biggest impact. Inform visitors of the home, neighbors and those just driving down the street what your company is all about. Advertise the availability of your service for residential or commercial venues.

2. Yard Signs Market to Neighborhoods

Contractor yard signs for Mint Hill, NC, are stationary. Unlike the vehicle vinyl lettering, they do not have to catch the eye of the motorist or pedestrian. Instead, these markers must succeed at generating name recognition in those who are walking past the property you are working on. Thus, if you are installing a roof, make sure that your company’s name, logo and contact information is expertly displayed in the front yard of the home.

Some companies also use the median during working hours to display this signage product. It heightens the recognition of your company and shows off your expert workmanship in the process. By the way, remember to commission double-sided signs. We believe that displaying a sign facing the street is always a good idea, but adding another one that markets to those driving or walking up and down the street further enhances your marketing presence.

We recommend to our clients to go for bold colors and shapes that clearly identify your niche. They stand out and help you to also differentiate yourself from other contractors who might be working on the property concurrently with your employees. This is frequently the case during a remodel.

Talk to our expert graphics professionals today for more information on contractor signage packages that make your company stand out in Mint Hill and its surrounding neighborhoods.