A Guide to Illuminated Building Signs for Charlotte

Are you ready to add a new sign to your building’s façade? Perhaps you are considering an upgrade to your already existing building signage. What are your options? The Sign Factory professionals specialize in the design, manufacture and installation of the types of illuminated building signs Charlotte business owners prefer for their venues. Here is a look at some of the most popular products.

Channel Letters

A favorite of retailers, restaurants and boutiques (among other businesses), channel letters easily brand a business by displaying a unique font and color combination. It is easy to recognize the business’ name – even without a logo – simply by the look of the writing. These markers are lit internally for a great after-dark appearance. We offer customers the choice of having the light escape from the colorful front, from the back for a halo effect, or from both front and back for a mixed illumination look. By the way, upscale eateries and art galleries love the way that the halo effect underscores the unique and fashionable vibe of their establishments.


Insurance companies, repair shops, some service provider and a host of stores with a long history prefer this signage solution. The internal LEDs light the marker from the front. While the cabinet itself is made from sturdy aluminum, the front usually features a polycarbonate material with a vinyl print overlay. Our clients usually like us to display their companies’ names, contact information, niche-specific data and sometimes also a tagline or affiliations. This combines relationship marketing with basic branding. As you can see by the longevity of some of these businesses, this is a strategy that has paid off.

Dimensional Letter Signs (with lighting)

Office buildings are usually the types of venues that favor dimensional letters. They grab the attention of passersby but do so in a fashionable and professional manner. This makes them suitable for management companies that want to see their buildings filled with law firms, architecture or accountancy firms, and physicians’ offices. But retailers and service providers, too, like this signage solution because of the attractive appearance that these seemingly floating letters provide to a building’s façade. It is possible to illuminate the letters from behind the structures with simple LED components that we also install. During the day, you see brushed metal or colorful acrylics. At night, you see the illumination that highlights the beauty of the display.

When you are in need of one of the illuminated building signs Charlotte’s members of the business community favor, talk to our friendly professionals today. We look forward to visiting your location to take measurements and to get a good feel for the signage that surrounds you. Since you want to stand out, we need to pay close attention to the style elements that will make your marker eye-catching – but without marring the overall appearance and look of the neighborhood.

In addition, we gladly incorporate any of the artwork that you may already have on file from prior signage installation. If you would prefer to revamp the look, our professionals can put together sketches that help you get a good feel for what your signage could look like – before we even begin the manufacturing process.