Apollo Valves Shines with Custom Monument Sign in Matthews NC

Located at 701 Matthews-Mint Hill Road, Apollo Valves started out as Conbraco Industries. In 2005, the company moved its brands under the Apollo name, which had gained familiarity with the consumer as well as recognition for excellence. When the company needed a monument sign that would display both name aspects, its representatives contacted our experts at The Sign Factory.

Designing and Manufacturing Custom Monument Signs in Matthews, NC

We met with the management team in charge of the project. They had some innovative ideas for allowing both names equal billing but highlighting the Apollo moniker via a brand-focused display. Our graphic artists created designs for the client’s approval. When the team did so, we manufactured the components, took them to the installation site and put together the monument as it now stands.

The product excels at calling attention to Conbraco Industries and Apollo Valves. The custom blue-gray metal cabinet displays blue push-thru acrylic letters as well as blue and black dimensional lettering. We installed a black powder-coated pipe on the top of this sign. It features the iconic Apollo Valves name and logo display in its black and yellow colors. The color contrast between the top and bottom portions of the sign makes this an outstanding monument.

Customization and Innovation Help You to Stand Out

Gone are the days when a monument only came in the brick and mortar variety. Although these products are still available and can create a stunning display for your company, you now have additional options open to you.

  • Pre-fabricated foam. These monuments come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Choose the one that is permitted by your zoning board and suits the installation site. Foam monuments withstand high winds and many impacts, which puts them on par with other material alternatives. For the traditionalist who likes bricks, river rocks or lumber, this is a great option because the foam can be made to mimic these products.
  • Metal. Aluminum and stainless steel are now materials that companies look to when they want to stand out in a crowded setting. Combined with alternative shapes like cylinders or blocks, metal offers durability and eye-catching beauty.
  • Acrylic. Acrylic is another durable material that businesses like to select for their monuments. Its surface takes on any color you prefer, which makes it ideal for multi-hued presentations.

Displaying Your Message

Dimensional letters, reader boards, channel lettering and electrical cabinets are just some of the ideas our clients have liked over the course of the years. Whenever possible, opt for an innovative approach. Using the pipe display for Apollo Valves is an excellent example of how a business can choose an inventive display option that generates product awareness and communicates branding and marketing messages at the same time.

Contact our experts to learn more about ordering custom monument signs in Matthews, NC. We work with you on discovering a look that is just right for your niche, individual business, and the overall setting. During the consultation, we discuss several options that would be ideal for your enterprise. We also visit your location to take measurements and ensure that the proposed installation site will allow for the setup of the desired product. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.