Are Your Lobby Signs Getting Notice in Indian Trail NC?

The business community in Indian Trail is growing due to its close proximity to Charlotte NC. This city is located in Union County which is one of the fastest growing counties in the United States making it a great venue for its expected business growth. The big industry here focuses on construction, the retail trade, and manufacturing. All of these industries look for ways to brand and market and not surprisingly, lobby signs and reception area signs are among the most frequently chosen markers.

The Very Popular 3D Effect

Three-dimensional signs stand out. They command attention and catch the eyes of consumers. There is nothing demure about a 3D sign. Rather, it points to a company that is here to stay, aggressive in its drive to succeed and on the cutting edge of successful business practices and niche insights. Moreover, these lobby signs work great with contemporary reception area designs.

Since the first impression is impossible to recreate, you cannot go wrong by paying close attention to the signage inside your office. These markers are an asset that you use for the maximum effect with visitors, business partners and those whom you hope to bring on board in high-level positions. You cannot afford to miss out on a profitable connection simply because your reception sign did not clearly identify you as a thought leader in your field.

How are 3D Signs Made?

When you work with the professional staff of The Sign Factory, we listen closely to your vision for your signage. We seek to ferret out every detail that is going to be important for the finished product. We want to know the exact color that you envision, whether you like a matte or glossy finish, and whether you intend to aim interior lights at the lobby sign. Of course, your budget concerns are also important to us. In fact, there is a signage option for every business.

Since foam is one of the least expensive signage materials and at the same time also the most dramatic for the creation of a 3D effect, it is also one of the most hotly sought-after lobby signs in Indian Trail. Whether you run a construction company or a dog-walking business, a three-dimensional reception area sign made from foam is a great asset.

Dress up the foam with acrylic or metal laminate fronts. This instantly changes the feel of the signage to include a contemporary twist. Metal, in particular, is a favorite among financial services providers who want to underscore the longevity of the company or product that they represent. If the foam is not to your liking, there is also the option of using acrylic letters that can be mounted straight to the wall. It is chosen for its dramatic 3D effects when you have an intricate logo design that you love to see displayed with crisp edges.

Making a Statement

Remember that you are not just branding your business to the consumer who walks into your office. You are also making your mark on the Indian Trail business community. If you are a start-up company or heavily involved in the local community, there is also a good chance that you get visits from the media. In short, making that first good impression is absolutely vital to the success of your company, which is why lobby signs, custom interior signs and reception area signs are all hot trends. Make customers welcome and brand at the same time with these internal markers and let us be the first commercial sign company you call.