Best Uses for Etched Vinyl Privacy Film in Indian Trail NC

When the world around you delights in an open-office concept, the need for privacy frequently goes unmet. Even if you are fortunate to have an office with a door, it is often made of glass – as is one wall. Since the town is growing rapidly, and inviting new industries to establish themselves, it is no wonder that more and more office building management companies and office managers are shopping around for etched vinyl privacy film in Indian Trail, NC. What are your options?

Lettering and Logos Merge Branding with Privacy

If you do not worry too much about complete privacy but would like to have some form of visual barrier that does not make you feel like you are sitting on display when you are in, the use of cut lettering and logo elements, using an etched vinyl approach, works well. Conversely, you might also select the larger images that feature frosted vinyl. Add color accents by opting for a tinted product rather than going with the standard light gray hue.

Run a Broad Band across Glass Panes

Choose the right height of the band based on your office’s overall proportions. For example, large glass walls do best with a thicker stripe that features multiple horizontally etched strips. Incorporate a logo if you have space. If you do not, consider the presentation of geometric shapes. This setup offers you more privacy than the first option, but it does not give you complete confidentiality.

Install Full Panes of Frosted Vinyl and Apply Corporate Logos and Lettering

When you frequently deal with confidential documents, conduct human resources meetings, or handle large sums of cash, we recommend the installation of frosted vinyl. Although etched geometric shapes and renderings of your logo are good ideas, you also have the choice of adding plastic or metal letters depicting your company’s name to the front of the glass. With the frosted vinyl on the other side, the difference in thickness creates an interesting look that features 3D qualities.

Advantages of Installing Etched Vinyl Privacy Film in Indian Trail, NC

In addition to enhanced seclusion, also consider the branding component of the signage product. With the opportunity to feature your corporate logo and lettering, you succeed in continuing marketing messages from the exterior of your venue on interior glass surfaces, too. Another advantage is the presentation of must-know information. This trend is quickly catching on and allows corporate personnel to display information about their names, titles, and hours of availability. In this manner, you save money on the purchase of other signage products.

Schedule a Design Consultation

If you are thinking about adding this signage solution to your office space, contact our specialists to discuss the details. We help you with the graphic design to ensure that your desired appearance fits in well with the overall interior décor of the setting. Moreover, if you are unsure about the look you wish to achieve, we can help you think through different style elements. Schedule your design consultation today to get started on the project.