Channel Letter Material and Lighting Options for Matthews, North Carolina Businesses

In the greater Matthews, North Carolina area, channel letters are designed to provide illuminated, or in some instances non-illuminated, three-dimensional signage for many establishments, including healthcare facilities, schools, and businesses. Producing a bold look that pops, channel letters are hollow to allow them to be lit from the inside and are typically crafted out of industrial-grade plastics and aluminum. You can also create a unique halo effect with channel letters that are illuminated from behind.

We can give your business a contemporary, glowing, and sleek presence in Matthews NC with the multitude of fonts and colors we have available for channel signs. Your firm will get the attention it deserves no matter what time of day it is.

Any design elements you would like, including your company’s logos and colors, can be incorporated into fabricated channel letters. In fact, when we sit with you during the design process, we strongly recommend that your business colors and logos be part of any signage. This is so you can help build your brand and gain recognition.

Channel Letter Styles

There are two basic style choices when it comes to channel letters: reverse and standard. Standard channel letters are the most common type of channel letters. They come in all sorts of colors and fonts. High-density plastic or acrylic is used for the face material. The face material is lit up when the internal lighting shines through.

Reverse channel letters are becoming more popular, though they are less common than standard. The same basic idea is used in building these channel letter signs with one major distinction: the light shines out the back. This creates the halo effect alluded to earlier. The metal front can be painted any color.

Lighting Options

Once you know what type of channel letters you want, you must figure out how you would like to illuminate them. There are both advantages and disadvantages to the two basic options: LED and neon. For both reverse and standard channel letters, neon is the classic method of illumination. To ensure a quality fit that will last for many years to come, we bend all of our neon lights in-house. The downfalls of neon are that it uses a fair amount of energy and its brightness can be affected by cold weather.

For the newest in state of the art illumination technology, there is nothing better than LEDs, or light-emitting diodes. Both types of channel letters use these small modules, which use far less power than any other lighting method currently available. LEDs last a lot longer, which means less maintenance. Plus, they are not affected by cold weather, cause less damage to the building during installation, and are much safer. The only problem is that they may cost more initially, but you will get your money back plus some with energy savings.

We make any type of channel letter signage you can imagine. Give us a call today at 704-321-0040 an email for a free consultation.