Charlotte Dental Branding and Marketing Tips for Best ROI

Wise business owners realize that the return on investment commonly referred to an ROI is a vital measurement tool in calculating the cost of marketing their business. The strategies used for marketing in today’s world have changed drastically and creating a marketing plan is critical these days if you want to succeed in your Charlotte business.

As a Charlotte dental practitioner, you need branding and marketing tools to stand out from the competition. Dental branding is important to keep your business profitable. It can be quite a challenge to acquire new customers without marketing and branding your business. You need to think an effective means of communicating to your clients and informing them of your services.

The three rules of dental branding are:

  • Maintain your existing customers.
  • Sell more products and services.
  • Increase in new customers.

The right signage products on your business premises will help you to achieve this. It’s important to be consistent in your branding colors, front and style when using various types of signage.

Here are the 3 options for signage products for your dental branding:

  • Channel letters– This may be the perfect way to give your business a professional look and to attract your local target market. Channel letters are often on the building of medical practices of all types which alert those passing by of your services. In addition, they tend to build respect for a business due to their permanent nature, which builds confidence in a brand. Channel letters are often illuminated and they are known to have a “stopping power”. People will often stop for a moment and become curious when seeing this eye-catching and gorgeous branding elements.
  • Dimensional letters for the lobby– When a client walks into a lobby with bare walls that fail to have any business branding, they may doubt they arrived at the right location and become confused. I have personally seen this happen to people. So, for this purpose, dimensional letters on a wall of your lobby can be beneficial. In addition, this type of signage offers a professional and respectful look that is appreciated by those who visit your practice. You may be creative in how you mount the letters or even mounting them away from the wall to create space and shadow.
  • Door lettering and graphics– Applying lettering and/or graphics to your door entrance is an excellent idea to show people your working hours and even the exact services that you have available. Also, they help reassure visitors that they have found your location. Having door lettering and graphics on your door in the office can speak volumes about your services and boost your client’s trust in your services. It is amazing what these affordable tools can do to project a professional appearance that builds this trust.

These three branding and marketing options can serve to attract people to your dental practice as well as build confidence in your business. When looking for a dental practice, clients want to be reassured that they are committed to staying in business for many, many years. These signage types are able to send this message without anyone saying a word.

All of these options are customizable, so you can be consistent in your branding. This is important as it allows people to recognize your business within seconds of seeing any branding you use. The more a person sees your consistent branding, the more familiar they can become. Familiarity builds trust.

For your branding and marketing needs in the Charlotte area, The Sign Factory can offer you consistency among all of the tools that you use. Give us a call at 704-321-0040 and we can show different signage options that would be beneficial for your business.