Check Out These Digital Print Graphics on Glass in Charlotte We Did for the Carrier Plant!

You find the Carrier plant at 7600 Statesville Road. Just a short distance away, at 9701 Old Statesville Road, the corporate office has its operations. In the business of HVAC systems and commercial refrigeration, the brand is under the ownership of United Technologies Corporation. When this company needed digital print graphics on glass in Charlotte, NC, a representative contacted our specialists for assistance.

Printing on Glass? Yes!

World travelers already know that European professionals routinely opt for glass printing, as opposed to acrylics treatments, for the pizzazz and chic that this medium brings to any setting. When you look at the print graphics we prepared for the Carrier plant in Charlotte, you will see what we mean. Crisp graphics, a reflection that only glass provides, and the elegance of the material combine with the subject matter of the informative and educational display our client sought to present.

Using Glass as a Marketing Tool

The implications for the use of glass in marketing are plentiful.

  • Retail. For the store with plenty of mirrors, consider the idea of adding glass-printed marketing messages rather than overlays or decals. Doing so is of particular interest to boutiques and other types of stores where chic is a significant brand aspect.
  • Corporate. For corporate headquarters and events, the use of glass as presentation panels is ideal. It heightens the visual appeal of the information but also wows attendees or visitors to the venue.
  • Interior design. It is clear that glass printing is of intense interest to interior designers, architects, and similar professionals. Presenting logos, name displays, and corporate colors in this manner is perfect for an office building or in suite design.

The Downside of Glass Printing

In spite of being enthusiastic about printing digital graphics on the glass, we do recognize that there are some situations where this setup is impractical. For example, when you are a tenant who may not be able to commit to a long-time lease, a management company may not like the idea of having you custom-treat the glass panels of doors and partitions. Moreover, it is a lot easier to change a door’s look treated with a panel of frosted vinyl that we etched with your company’s name and logo when you decide to re-brand in a year.

Short-term marketing promotions, too, are not well suited for the glass print treatment. After all, if you want to repurpose the glass surfaces in six to 12 months, or when the promotion ends, it is far more cost-effective to simply call us in to remove decals or wraps for a new look. It makes sense, therefore, that the promise of longevity, which is one of the technology’s major selling points, is in part to blame for the caution exercised by executives and retailers alike when considering the order of this product solution.

That said, when you are looking for a long-term presentation or display of one, ten, or 100 panels of glass with customized information, there is no better way to make a visual splash than with digital print graphics on the glass in Charlotte, NC. Contact us today to learn more about this technology and to see if it could suit your needs.