Check Out this Sandblasted Monument Sign Repair!

Located at 4703-1 North Sharon Amity Road, the Sharon Manor is an independent living facility for seniors. Handicapped-equipped units enable independence. The grounds of this community are beautifully manicured and kept up by a professional staff. In keeping with the attractive look of the property, the management team also keeps a close eye on the signage. When the monument sign looked like it needed a bit of a repair, the team contacted our professionals.

Handling Monument Sign Repairs in Charlotte, NC

Our technicians not only create new sandblasted monument signs from scratch, but they also visit clients whose already existing markers need special care. It does not matter if the sign was manufactured and installed by another sign shop or by us; we handle all kinds of refurbishing jobs.

In this case, the sign is the beacon that welcomes motorists and sets the tone for the experience visitors and residents expect to have at the Sharon Manor. When we initially arrived, one side of the post and panel setup had sunk into the ground. The top was worn, splintered and showed signs of peeling paint. We evened out the look of the sign, sanded the wood, added a little filler and painted the setup. The sign now looks as good as new.

Sign Repair Saves Money

The sign before the repairs!

When you have a signage product that is structurally sound but has some cosmetic challenges, you might be an excellent candidate for a refurbishing project.

  • Mounting problems. The posts of the Sharon Manor sign lost their footing. Whether this was due to deteriorating concrete or a problem having to do with the soil did not matter. Fixing this kind of mounting problem is possible. The same goes for hanging dimensional letters.
  • Glue issues. Do you see some vinyl overlay peeling, acrylic laminate lifting on one side or PVC lettering missing from a pan face sign? Gluing this product back in place is easy. Since the material is easy to recreate, why not opt for a new laminate strip that we then attach to the sign?
  • Channel letter fixes. Nine times out of ten, it is the LED illumination – or lack thereof – that prompts a call to our shop. After the channel letter sign has been set up for a while, the light sources may malfunction. This is an easy repair. While we are there, we can clean the drain holes and acrylic faces to ensure continued functioning.
  • Sandblasted facing repairs. The sandblasting process is ideal for neighborhood signs and those markers that point the way in historic parts of town. Sometimes, these signs lose their luster, which is easy to recreate with a thorough cleaning, a new paint job, and a glossy or matte finish.

Discussing Your Project with an Expert

What a difference repairs make!

If you are thinking of having your signage evaluated for a refurbishing, cleaning or repairing project, we can help. We handle sandblasted monument sign repairs for Charlotte, NC, businesses as well as projects involving all other types of signs, too. Contact us today to learn more about the process and to schedule an onsite consultation.