Contractor Vehicle Graphics Advertising for Mint Hill NC

Mint Hill contractors know that competition is fierce. After a brief glance at the Yellow Pages, Yelp and other local consumer rating services broadcasting the names of remodeling professionals, roofers, landscapers and plumbers, it is clear that you cannot afford to be a faceless professional among the competition. Getting your name out there and taking strides toward becoming a known household name can be as simple as adding the types of contractor vehicle graphics Mint Hill, NC, consumers will find it difficult to forget.

The Art (and science) Behind the Graphics

Mobile advertising simply means that you take your marketing and branding information on the road. There is no reason to wait for consumers to read the local newspaper to learn about your business. Quit waiting for them to drive past the billboard that you paid for. Instead, tell them all about your business simply by driving down the street or pulling into a neighbor’s driveway.

Studies prove that consumers notice vehicle graphics. They are not a newfangled gimmick that offers a hit or miss opportunity at getting your name out there. Instead, they are a scientific method of increasing brand awareness and name recognition. Advertising insiders report that a properly treated vehicle has the potential of generating between 30,000 and 70,000 daily impressions. Imagine having that many folks becoming aware of your company today!

Graphics Options for Any Budget

Some business owners, particularly the smaller ones, tend to shy away from vehicle graphics because of the cost. However, is this marketing product as expensive as they believe? The answer is “no.” There are plenty of budget-friendly options open to you.

  • Full or partial wraps. The full wrap covers the entirety of your vehicle with vinyl sheeting that contains your marketing message. If you are using a vehicle with a color that complements the marketing message’s color structure, a partial wrap will do just fine. This is an excellent money-saver right there.
  • Vinyl graphics and lettering. Create a comprehensive marketing message that uses niche-specific graphics and lettering. Identify the name of your company, its niche, contact information and tell consumers a little something about your business. Let them know what sets you apart from the competition. Spot graphics, too, enhance the look of any contractor vehicle – truck, van or trailer.
  • Truck lettering. One of the most budget-friendly marketing tools for a contractor’s truck is the lettering that goes on the doors. Simply spell out your business name, contact information and niche. The font you select is familiar to consumers from any print ads or business cards that you have already been using.

Getting Started on Mobile Marketing Today

The Sign Factory professionals handle all types of vehicle graphics for Mint Hill, NC, businesses. Whether your contracting company relies on trailers, vans, basic work trucks or a fleet of vehicles, we can help you stand out from the competition and be seen. With our expertise and ability to work within your budget, our graphic artists make you look like a million bucks without charging that much. Talk to us today about your vehicle type, your vision for your marketing and the impact that you are seeking to make on consumers in Mint Hill and its surrounding neighborhoods.