Dimensional Letter Lobby Sign for TradeKing Advisors Offers 3D Effect

Located at 11605 North Community House Road, TradeKing Advisors provide brokerage services, depositor education and assistance to independent investors. When you want to take the reigns of your investments, having help along the way is an invaluable resource for effectively managing your money. When it was time to welcome clients with one of the lobby signs for financial advisors in Charlotte, NC, the company’s management team contacted the experts at the Sign Factory.

Dimensional Letters Brand and Market

We worked with TradeKing Advisors’ management team to use the company’s artwork and website look when putting together the lobby signage. We manufactured a sign made up of dimensional letters. The finish features a satin appearance, which beautifully works with the incoming light. The color is a customized blue tone while the logo features the green blue and black hues of the website. We mounted the letters directly to the wall.

As clients visit the offices of TradeKing Advisors, they immediately recognize the signage from the website. For consumers who usually check out financial services providers online before making an appointment to visit the office, this immediately brands the business. Thus, the marker effectively reinforces name recognition and brand awareness.

Anatomy of Dimensional Letters

When you need reception area signs for financial advisors in Charlotte, NC, the use of dimensional letters makes sense. Yet even here, you have plenty of options.

  • Material selection. Acrylic is an excellent product for dimensional letters. The same is true for PVC, metal or foam. Your budget determines the use of materials.
  • Dramatic presentation. Flat-cut letters, such as the ones we did for TradeKing Advisors, look crisp and provide clean edges. If you prefer a dramatic presentation that capitalizes on depth, a foam is a right material to choose. We can create letters that can be up to two inches thick, which opens the door to stunning displays of lights and shadows when properly illuminated with spotlights.
  • Flat or rounded? We have already discussed the use of die-cut flat letters. That said, it is possible to order cast plastic or metal lettering, which offers the display of prismatic faces.
  • Lit or unlit? Did you know that it is possible to install LED-lit dimensional letters? This is a new trend that is quickly gaining quite a following. Signs that use the LED technology double as artwork, which turns the foyer’s focal wall into an integral branding tool for the business.

Getting Started on Your Order

Call us today for more information on the broad range of options available to you when ordering dimensional letters for a lobby sign. We gladly come out for a site evaluation. At that time, we measure the wall space, look over available artwork and discuss color choices.

Next, we work up some sketches that show you the look of the lobby sign, which allows you to see it with the eyes of a first-time visitor to your office. We will only proceed with the manufacture of the marker when you are completely satisfied that we captured your vision. The final step is the installation.