Escape Hour Adds Reception Area Wall Graphics in Charlotte!

Do you remember when we wrote about the Escape Hour? This business lets you test your wits against other contestants by solving riddles and puzzles. Just recently, we designed, manufactured and installed an illuminated cabinet sign for the business’ exterior. The management team called us back to also create a lobby sign setup – but with a twist.

Reception Area Wall Graphics for Charlotte, NC, Businesses

The standard lobby sign features acrylic, aluminum or sign foam. This is not what the Escape Hour management team had in mind. Rather than putting together a sign of this type, they commissioned wall graphics to market and brand the business. We created a dark backdrop with semi-subliminal fingerprints. The name display shows off the iconic images and details of the company name. The combination of the backdrop and name takes up the majority of the foyer’s focal wall. It looks excellent in this setting and brings to life the theme of the experience.

Incorporating Graphics in Your Lobby

The substitution of wall graphics for lobby signs is not a new one. Many businesses are now getting away from the traditional marker setup for the reception area to feature graphics instead. Advantages of this setup are clear.

  • Greater wall coverage. Whereas a traditional lobby sign takes up the center of the focal wall, a graphics display easily takes over the look of this wall space. It may cover the entire surface or three-quarters of it.
  • Multiple display surfaces. The use of graphics has the added advantage of letting you cover multiple surfaces with the material. There is no need to rely on only one product any longer. Rather, the graphics can combine to tell a company’s story or act as branding prompts.
  • Complements all types of spaces. When you have a narrow of a small foyer, an added sign may be too large for space. Graphics adapt to the room’s layout. They have the power to visually heighten the look of the area. For a large wall, the graphics tie together a space that would otherwise seem overwhelming.
  • Supports secondary signage. Wall graphics are ideal for office spaces that incorporate other signage products such as floor or window graphics, banner stands and framed posters.

Order Your Signs Today

Ordering interior lobby wall graphics in Charlotte, NC, is as easy as contacting the professionals at The Sign Factory for assistance. We work with your management team to put together a graphics display that fits the size of your space and incorporates all of your marketing and branding information. We pay close attention to perfect color matches. Our technicians gladly visit your location to get a better idea of your interior décor, which lets us give you suggestions for a suitable backdrop or secondary signage options.

Call us today to get more information on this lobby signage substitute and to get started on your order. Of course, if you are a fan of the traditional lobby sign and would like to see how to integrate an acrylic or aluminum reception area marker with wall graphics, we can help you there, too.