Fleet Vehicle Branding for Green Frog Waterproofing


For those in the home service industry, vehicle branding is practically a necessity if you expect your business to expand. Vehicle branding gives service companies like Green Frog Waterproofing more visibility, as well as offers a professional appearance that builds respect from consumers.

Green Frog Waterproofing provides a very important service to those in the Matthews and Charlotte areas. They help protect homes for expensive water damage by offering waterproofing, water-control, and yard drainage solutions. When they reached out to us at The Sign Factory for their fleet branding needs, we were happy to assist.

After our consultation, we designed their layout which included their fun logo, business name, contact information, their tagline and some of the services they offer to homeowners. After they approved, we professionally produce and installed their lettering and graphics on their vehicles. You can see the final result of one of their trucks in this article.

How will vehicle fleet branding benefit services companies in the Charlotte and Matthews area? Here are some ways:

  • More Visibility. There is stiff competition in the home service industry. If you are in that industry, you know exactly what I am writing about. Due to this fact, it is so important to be visible. The more you are seen, the more people will remember you when a need for your services arises. With fleet lettering and decals, you are visible 24 hours a day, every single day of the week.
  • More branding and marketing opportunities to your target market. This is one of the best benefits of vehicle graphics for home service companies. When you pull up to a customer’s home, the neighbors will become curious as they often do. This is the perfect opportunity for them to become aware of your business and the services that you offer. Since you are assisting a person in their own neighborhood, there tends to be a little more respect and trust in your company without anyone even speaking a word to them. Be sure you are taking advantage of these opportunities that can happen at every single job site by having branding on your vehicles.
  • Fleet branding last for years. Many branding and marketing tools only last for a short time period and then they are simply gone unless you make payment after payment. This is especially true for newspaper ads, church bulletins, and radio commercials. In contrast, once you make your payment for your vehicle graphics, you have an advertising and branding tool that will be working for your for years to come!

Of course, there are so many other reasons how Charlotte vehicle lettering and graphics can benefit your business. To learn more and to have your vehicles branded professional, give The Sign Factory a call at 704-321-0040.