Illuminated Lobby Signs in Sparta Reveal the Amano Company’s Brands

Just recently, we finished the installation of a monument sign we designed and manufactured for Amano Pioneer Eclipse. This company incorporates Amano Environmental and American Sanders. To underscore the relationship between the companies, a management team representative asked our signage pros to create products that would feature the various brand components of the business.

Informational Illuminated Lobby Signs in Sparta, NC

Going for pizzazz, we suggested the design of illuminated reception area markers. The team was on board with our idea. We put together three customized illuminated lobby signs that consist of sturdy aluminum cabinets. We routed the material to show off the logos and lettering. Adding colorful acrylic backgrounds, the cabinets present with translucent graphics. After turning on the LEDs, the look and feel of this signage against the gray background wall is sophisticated and informative. It also adds a little zing to the setting.

Lit Lobby Signs are Catching on in Popularity

While the displays we did for Amano Pioneer Eclipse are a fantastic way of introducing associated or incorporated brands, consider how the addition of light sources could change the way your lobby sign looks. More and more companies are now investing in illuminated signage.

  • Metal construction. The preferred material for built-in LEDs is metal. Combined with push-through acrylic letters that light up when plugged in, the effect against a darker wall backdrop is amazing.
  • Acrylic setups. For the business owner who prefers acrylic to metal, we recommend the use of LEDs installed along the sides. They create an attractive backlit appearance and can even offer an opportunity for multiple color displays. Select them to emphasize a corporate color scheme or just to offset the signage from the wall.
  • Channel letters. Smaller and narrower than the channel letters you see on the front of a building, this product solution nevertheless mimics the design. Having this type of sign installed in your lobby is an instant eye-catcher. When you want to leave a lasting impression with prospective clients, choose illuminated channel letters.

Other Plug-in Signage Solutions

Another look at their new custom monument sign!

While illuminated lobby signs in Sparta, NC, are catching on, consider that the next logical step in the marker evolution is the installation of LEDs for other signage types, too. In fact, there are already products that incorporate light as part of their displays. For example, slimmed down cabinet signs feature advertising messages you might install behind the counter or alongside shelves instead of point-of-purchase signs. Changing the message is as easy as switching out the sign’s facing. For a trendsetting presentation, consider the use of metal signs with push-through letters that act as wayfinding tools, directional markers, and similar signage solutions.

Buy Illuminated Lobby Signs Today

Contact our graphic artists to discuss your need for lit signage to bring out your brand and ad messages within your office, storefront, or another type of business. We work with you to create a design that uniquely suits your space and broadcasts your market appeal. Also, we show you different illumination options that let you present a varied approach within your venue. In fact, when you contact us today, we can schedule your design consultation right away.