Perfect Interior Signs for Charlotte Medical Centers

Many people find it stressful going to medical centers. Whether they are visiting a hospital, out-patient care center or their primary care doctor patients may feel uneasy during their visit. This can be true of people of all ages, from children to adults. But, did you realize that signage tools can actually help ease their stressful feelings and thoughts?

Help patients feel at ease once they enter your medical center by giving them an inviting and healing environment to walk into. Custom creative signs from The Sign Factory can certainly help with this ease by diverting their attention to something cheerful and by simply letting them know where they are going. Here are a few signage ideas for Charlotte medical centers:

  • Wall graphics can help brighten up the walls of what sometimes looks like a sterile environment. Pictures and vibrant colors on the walls may help to create a peaceful environment and help to take a patient’s mind off of their fears and worries. Take children; they are often scared when going to the doctor, so a mural of a beloved character or kid-friendly graphics may help to ease their anxiety. An added benefit of wall graphics is that they can be done on many materials including fabric. In addition, they are less costly and offer more creativity than painting
  • Welcome patients and guests in your medical center with good looking lobby signs. Clearly display the name of the medical center. These signs can be posted on a stand or hung on the wall, whichever is more visible to clients. Outdated or mediocre signs can leave patients to wonder what type of care they may get. Therefore, making sure your lobby signs are professional and add a modern touch.
  • Way-finding signs help people get from point A to point B. It can be easy to lose one’s way around a medical facility, so let these signs navigate your clients through the building with ease. Note that text may be put on way-finding signs in addition to images which is helpful to locate doctors’ offices or other areas within the facility. Standard directional signs include but are not limited to restrooms, exits, elevators and offices. At The Sign Factory, we can produce Braille signs in addition to standard directional signs. Don’t let clients and guests wonder the corridors and get lost in your medical center.

Well thought out and beautiful signage can certainly easy patients. These are just a few examples. Conversely, poor signage can just confuse and add to a patient’s anxiety and fear. So take inventory of the signs that you currently have and see if they are in excellent condition, modern and are still servicing a purpose.

The Sign Factory can custom create the perfect interior signs that you can be proud of. For all of your medical signage needs in Charlotte, call 704-321-0040.