Post and Panel Signs in Charlotte: What Are Your Options?

Welcome prospective clients, customers or visitors with post and panel signs in Charlotte, NC. These products offer superior adaptability opportunities that make the presentation of your branding message possible. What are your options?

The Word Bar System Combines Advertising with Wayfinding

The word bar setup is a low-tech system ideal for a broad range of commercial applications. If your company operates multiple buildings on a property or offers a variety of services, this is a perfect signage solution. This setup consists of the primary two metal or vinyl poles and a matching panel that slides in between them. Insert imprinted bars into the board slots to display directional information. The advantages of this presentation option are clear. Change information as needed; present a branding message and offer directional assistance to your customers all at the same time.

Ornate Setups Present as Monument Signs

The monument addresses the motorist who is in search of your company. It alerts drivers to the location of your parking lot’s entrance, which allows for safe lane changes and prevents missed exits that can easily translate into missed business opportunities. Your zoning rules determine the height of a monument. We adjust the sizing of the panel and posts to comply with the rules. We recommend the use of an aluminum panel with square, radius or round metal posts. Imprint the information directly onto the panel or choose a combination of an imprinted vinyl overlay with acrylic dimensional letters. Decorative finials, LED illumination and similar decorative touches round out the look.

Safety Signage Assists with Possible Evacuations

Post and panel signs can also double as EVAC map display stations. Use them in parking lots and near entrances to buildings. Doing so allows those visiting your property to find the safest way to vacate the premises if there should be a need for an evacuation. We recommend large signage displays in your company’s colors that feature your corporate information at the top of the panel. The center of the board should feature easy-to-read map displays. Metal is a sturdy material that weathers well and offers years of use.

Alternative Display Options for Educational Purposes

Post and panel signs in Charlotte, NC, not only fulfill wayfinding, safety, advertising, and branding tasks but offer educational data displays as well. Schools, nature centers, arboretums and similar settings like to use angled back displays that are little more than modified post and panel signs. In these situations, we create posts with angled upper halves. In between them, we attach a panel that may feature built-in illumination. Because of the angled position, the board presents at an angle as well, which makes it possible for the reader to take in the data but also look over the sign to see the landmarks it explains. These signage types come in all sizes.

Customization is the Key

When you contact our professionals to discuss the design of your next post and panel sign, we work with you to enhance its look with usage-centered decorative touches and embellishments. For example, with the last example we used, we might suggest the addition of a cast plaque that allows for rubbing. This simple addition makes it more appealing to youngsters and adds dimension to the look.