Tony Sacco’s Pizza Shines with Illuminated Channel Letter Sign in Charlotte NC

Coal oven pizza is all the rage in Charlotte. After all, the high-degree temperature that is generated by the coal fire allows the crust to cook perfectly – and quickly – every time. A national pizza chain took notice and moved into the state. When Tony Sacco’s Pizza opened here, it was a hit. With another location opening as well, it was now time to install one of our durable illuminated channel letter signs in Charlotte, NC.

What makes the channel letter sign so valuable is the opportunity for built-in lighting. By day, Tony Sacco’s sign depicts a stylized brick oven with a roaring fire. Right underneath, there is the name of the pizza restaurant and its niche in white and red lettering. At night, the lit sign shows a white-hot fire burning in an oven. The names are brightly illuminated and assist with wayfinding as well as with branding. This is a look that is unique to the channel letter setup.

Are you thinking of adding new exterior signage for your local restaurant? Channel letter signs for Charlotte, NC, are in high demand because of the level of customization that it is possible to achieve.

  • Distinct daytime and nighttime appearances. Tony Sacco’s Pizza is the perfect example. The daytime sign gets the attention of passersby with the red and bright white color combination. At night, the bring illumination that mimics a roaring fire draws the eye. The red tones of the name showcase that there is something unusual to be had at this location. Folks will be interested to find out more. This one-two marketing punch is perfect for a location where you might be sharing space with multiple eateries.
  • Multiple lighting options. If the front-lit display is not to your liking, consider the creation of a halo effect. In this case, we use aluminum to create the front of the sign but add clear acrylic plates to the back. This lets the light shine out from behind the sign. The effect is one of sophistication and charm. This is the type of marker that you might imagine for a French restaurant or an eatery along with a picturesque lake shore. Combinations of the two are also possible. Quite a few restaurant owners have chosen to mix the lighting styles for a quite astonishing visual effect.
  • Full Customization. Not only can you pick out your lighting choice and daytime as well as nighttime appearances, but you can also design a highly customized signage form. At the Sign Factory, our skilled channel letter sign makers have succeeded at manufacturing highly intricate sign designs that display logos, mottos, ancillary graphics and company names. Turn the space above your restaurant into an individualized look that hints at the atmosphere the guests may expect to experience inside.

Your order starts with a phone call. We would like to come out for a site evaluation to create the sign in just the right height and width. In so doing, we ensure that it harmonizes with the look of your entryway and gets the attention of hungry guests. If you already have artwork on hand, we can go from there. If you are just starting out from scratch, we can help put together the ideal marker to place above your door.

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