Types of Charlotte Hotel Signs

Charlotte is a well known historic American city that was named after Queen Charlotte, the wife of King George III. With the historic appeal of Charlotte, Panther games, museums, delicious dining and culture, as well as the endless conventions that occur in this beautiful city, Charlotte hotels have a need to have attractive signage to attract customers.

Quality and professional looking signage is paramount to the success of any Charlotte hotel. It is the first impression customers have of a hotel so therefore the types of signage your hotel decides to brand with needs to be effective and appealing. This first impression is all important in the struggle to attract new customers and to maintain the old.

A wide variety of signs to select from subsists and choosing a fitting one can seem challenging. Appearance, needs of the hotel, and maintenance costs need to be considered when making this all-important decision.

To get you started on your Carolina hotel sign planning, here are three types of signs that have proven effective in marking hotels, throughout the United States, for years:

Electronic Message Boards

Electronic message boards use digital graphics to broadcast any number of messages to potential customers. They can be programmed to show simple images and scrolling headings. Hotel name, address, vacancy listings, and offerings unique to the hotel can all be listed on an electronic message board. Electronic message hotel signs can be beneficial if the hotel is on a busy street or to attract drivers passing on a nearby highway.

Way Finding Signs

Way-finding signs are valuable hotel signs if the hotel is tucked away and hard to find. Mile markers and arrows highlighting the way are invaluable to marketing a hotel. Like outdoor name signs, they are simple in nature, but a must-have for difficult to locate hotels. Since many people book hotels online these days, mention the wayfinding signs on your website so that visitors can look for these signs. When creating your wayfinding strategy, it would be wise to have an expert plan out the most efficient route so that it is as straightforward and as easy to understand as possible. These signs are required if the hotel cannot be clearly seen or found directly off the main town road.

Monument Signage

Monument signs are often found at the entrance of Charlotte hotels which make a very professional first impression. It also enhances the branding of your hotel chain, especially when consistent with all other signage. Monument signs are generally permanent outdoor signs that are made primarily of stone, concrete or brick base laid on a concrete foundation, rather than a post. However, monument signs can come in other materials as well. Hotel monument signs are custom made just like all of the other signs mentioned in this article. These outdoor signs can be either illuminated or not. Hotel Monument Signs are permanent fixtures that truly make an impact. Since monument signs become permanent fixtures, many hotel chains will plan to landscape around these outdoor signs with seasonal pretty flowers or easy to maintain plants, which often create an inviting feeling in visitors.

No matter which variety of hotel sign is chosen, the hotel will be better off with a sign to point it out to potential customers. Pick one that matches the attributes of your hotel for an overall sense of continuity. It can be simple, flashy, informational, monumental, and instructional. One of these superior hotel signs can set a hotel apart from competitors so consider well which is best for the location.

Here at The Sign Factory, we are here to serve businesses in the Charlotte area. We can offer you a variety of signage need to suit the branding that your hotel will benefit from. Give a call and we will be happy to help you with your hotel signage needs so that you can stand out from your competition. Call us at 704-321-0400.

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