Vinyl Banners 101: There’s More Than One Type of Banner!

The banner is an excellent marketing tool. Its temporary nature encourages consumers to take a closer look. After all, merchants usually only use banners when advertising rock-bottom prices, deep discounts, closeout sales and special offers. When commissioning your custom banners in Charlotte, NC, you have options – lots of them.

Traditional Cut Vinyl Banner

This is a staple of companies that are holding yearly sales. The cut vinyl lettering lets us change the dates on the sign so you can you can reuse it year after year. This saves you money in the long run and allows consumers to recognize the signage from prior years. Doing so adds to the name recognition and brand awareness your signage generates.

Mesh Banners

When you need banners for outdoor displays, mesh is usually a good option. Wind goes right through the material, which eliminates the need for the cutout flaps. We print your message directly onto the material. We usually recommend a two-sided design, since it allows you to mount your banners onto poles in the middle of an event location. Consumers from all sides are able to read your message.

Trade Show Banners

You already know about the retractable banner stands that so many companies now favor. The banners used with them are made from high-quality vinyl. In this setting, we recommend digital banners since they last for a very long time, do not lose the vibrancy of the colors and come from our large-format, late model, digital printer. These banners should not be used to include information that changes overnight. Unlike the cut vinyl versions, we cannot go back and edit your date.

Photo Backdrops

This banner type is larger than the usual product you would commit to hang from your store’s wall. In fact, it requires a frame to put it up. Nonprofit organizations order these banners to create backdrops for photo opportunities. Donors are photographed in front of this product, which displays a recurring display of the group’s name and logo as well as a color germane to the organization. This is also what celebrities use on the red carpet for their photo opportunities. Storage is a snap.

Sports Team Banners

These vinyl banners are lightweight and quickly attach to a rail or other mounting location with hooks or rope. You see these used by schools, competitive sports leagues and amateur athletic groups. The banner’s keeper easily stores them rolled up in a box or carrying case. When the team has a game at a different arena or an away game where none of the already installed team graphics will be around, mounting these banners makes sense.

Putting in Your Order

Now that you know all about vinyl banners for Charlotte, NC, retailers, corporate clients and non-profit organizations as well as schools and athletic teams, contact the signage professionals at the Sign Factory to put together your design. We work with you to incorporate your logo and artwork. If you do not yet have a completed look, we gladly design your banner’s appearance from the ground up. Call us today to schedule your client consultation.

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