Wall Graphics Boost Brand and Morale at CPA Firm in Charlotte!

Loyal readers of our blog know that we just recently completed some interior channel letter signs for Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP. When the company’s management team decided that it was time to invest in signage, it did not allow the functionality aspect to limit the creativity it craved. Case in point is the set of wall graphics these professionals commissioned next.

Wall Graphics for CPA Firms in Charlotte, NC

Situated in a hallway, we installed wall graphics that display the company’s name and logo as well as its mission statement. Utilizing the entire length of the wall, the dark blue on beige display is eye-catching, visually attractive and a firm reminder of the company’s vision. We repeated this look as a print-cut text for the break room. There, it displays as white lettering on a glossy blue wall that serves as the backdrop for the room’s soft drink and water stations.

Boosting the brand while boosting morale is an ingenious way of motivating employees and keeping them focused on the goal. To underscore this attitude, the company also commissioned a mural that features a gradually changing orange background with black images. Depicting the vision of an organization that is supported by various workers, the image creates buy-in. It is an excellent metaphor for the company’s mission statement, which is not lost on employees.

Graphics are Outstanding Motivators and Branding Tools

Over the years, we have done work for other businesses that also looked to the beautification of its walls with murals and graphics to help with branding and morale-boosting. The most common location for graphics and murals aimed at employees is the break room. There, murals allow for the creation of a relaxing atmosphere that helps workers to recharge their energy. Lettering and graphics also assist with spelling out mottos, vision statements and encouraging sayings that boost morale.

Branding with these products is ideal for virtually any space. Display your mission statement on the conference room wall that usually serves as the backdrop for video-conferencing. Show off this saying in the lobby, where visiting clients or customers take it in alongside your lobby sign. You may also consider treating hallways with murals that tell the company’s story under the heading of its mission statement. The options are truly endless.

Finding the Right Look for Your Office

When you are thinking of adding wall murals for CPA firms in Charlotte, NC, or wall graphics for financial services providers, law firms or any other type of company that does business out of an office, your overall branding message will set the tone for the products. For example, an enterprise with a preference for the chrome and glass look may not favor full-color murals. Instead, this kind of company may opt for a black on white appearance instead.

When you contact our graphic artists to discuss your project, we value the opportunity to visit you for a site survey. During that time, we make note of your branding, interior décor and overall setup of the venue. Doing so allows us to make suggestions concerning mural or graphics sizes, colors and potential display locations. Contact us today to learn more about your options.

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