What Is SignFoam and How Is it Used in Sign Fabrication?

Are you looking for a signage solution that combines extraordinary longevity with attractive looks? Are you considering how to best stand out from your competition but still be in harmony with a brick façade, a historic part of town or simply your branding? Are you disappointed in the failure of wood to last for multiple decades? The professionals at the Sign Factory have your answer: SignFoam.

What Are SignFoam Signs?

A substrate that is manufactured from high-density urethane, SignFoam is the raw material for a wide variety of three-dimensional markers. It can be cut, carved and shaped, routed or sandblasted. Each of these manufacturing techniques imbues a unique look to the finished product. In so doing, you receive a sign that is artistically created with the message displayed in a manner that is ideally suited to your area and marketing message. SignFoam, more so than many other raw materials, underscores the notion of complete customization.

Is it Green?

Environmental concerns are mentioned by many of our customers. SignFoam signs for Charlotte are actually a wood replacement, which ends the need for cutting them down. In addition, the products do not contain VOCs or CFCs. Recycled materials are part of the ingredients. In addition, when the product is cut, it does not create dust but shavings, which is excellent for our air quality.

Does it Last?

You bet! Water has no effect on these exterior SignFoam signs. For Charlotte, which is the recipient of ample Gulf of Mexico moisture, this is an important selling point. There is no warping or rotting. As well, the hot summer sun does not cause the material to crack. While we shy away from calling SignFoam the material with an unlimited lifespan, we do know that it easily lasts for a decade – but probably much longer.

Is the Material Suitable for my Business?

Churches, retailers, attorneys, physicians and schools are quickly catching on to the sign that offers such a versatile appearance option. This is simply not something that another marker material has been able to accomplish. As a result, these signs feature carved out characters, carefully routed crisp-edge displays or the carved-looking appearances that a business with a rustic branding message would appreciate.

Painting the material further enhances its look. But it is interesting to note in this setting that you do not have to be content with just standard paint options. Rather, ask us to create a faux finish to give the impression of a marble sign. For dermatologists and estheticians, this is a chic look. A metallic look suits the service provider who relies on an avant-garde appearance for a marketing message.

How Quickly Can I Order This Type of Sign?

Getting started is easy to do. Talk to our friendly professionals about the look that you are after. Tell us what you want to communicate with your sign and how you want to brand your business. We gladly come out to your storefront or office to get a better understanding of your branding message’s style elements. We then prepare sketches until you find the perfect look. From there, we manufacture and install the finished marker.

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