What’s New in Trade Show Displays and Graphics for Charlotte NC?

What's New in Trade Show Displays and Graphics for Charlotte NC?

On a scale from one to ten, how would you rate the contemporary appeal of your current trade show booth display? Does it wow the audiences? Are you holding it together with duct tape and rubber bands? Have you experienced bouts of display envy when attending the last show and seeing all the contemporary arrangements that competitors are featuring? Although it is true that there are plenty of new trade show displays and graphics for Charlotte, NC, business owners, it is just as accurate to say that they are budget-friendly.

Bar Counters Replace Small Countertop Setups

If you still have one of the older straight top configurations, it may be time to overhaul the look. The contemporary feel of the half-round bar counter does not create a barrier appearance but instead invites the trade show attendee to belly up and find out what is new with your brand. The curvature makes a huge difference in the way these setups appear. Push-fit fabric ensures a taut display of your custom graphics and colors. Because the design offers more space, you may be able to work with an assistant.

U-Shape Tension Fabric Displays Make Great Back Walls

For the booth setup that has relied on a combination of three to five banner stands, this setup is a welcome change. It, too, relies on push-fit fabric for the graphics. That said, you adjust the overall look and feel of the design with collapsible frames and add-on sections that let you create a straight-line setup or the U-shape, which draws in the audience. Graphics display at the height of 92.25 inches, which is ideal for a smaller to mid-sized booth presentation.

Banner Frames with Curvatures are This Year’s Hot Displays

You may have heard talk about these banners and maybe even seen one late last year. Now is the time that they are hitting the circuit. They come in 11 different shapes that you can connect to design a truly unique banner presentation. To ensure a perfect fit of the graphics, we use pillowcase fabric that slips over the frames and shows off your information without crinkles or creases. Concave or convex designs with rounded corners adjust to any booth. At the height of 95.5 inches and a width of 38 inches, this is a good-sized banner setup.

Go Even Bigger with Banners

However, what happens if this is simply not big enough? The next size up is a frame structure that allows for display heights of 92.5 inches and widths of 123.5 inches. For mid-sized to larger booths, these are must-have items. Once again, decide on a concave or convex display, depending on the message you send, the overall design of the booth, and the backdrop’s appearance. Add optional illumination sources to draw the eye even more and heighten the effects of any 3D prints.

Order New Trade Show Displays and Graphics for Charlotte, NC

When you are ready to upgrade your booth with contemporary display additions, discuss your thoughts with our trade show insiders. Not only do we provide you with the latest information on upcoming models, but we also show you how to keep costs down by combining the right set of components. Call us today!