Boost Sales With Custom Signs In Charlotte NC

March 23, 2019

While every business in Charlotte is unique, all of them can agree that there is always a need for sales, sales, and more sales. And that is where custom signs in Charlotte, NC can make a transformative difference between a lackluster sales pipeline, and one that is full of high-quality and profitable customers. Here are…

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What Kind Of Vehicle Wrap Is Right For You?

March 13, 2019

Across the Charlotte area and throughout the country, a growing number of B2C and B2B businesses are investing in vehicle wraps to get noticed in a crowded marketplace, boost brand awareness and top-of-mind recognition, generate prospective customers, and ultimately improve sales and profits. Vehicle Wrap Results: By The Numbers According to research by the Outdoor…

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ADA Signs Are An Important Part Of Your Indoor Signage Strategy

March 3, 2019

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates that indoor signage must meet certain accessibility and visibility standards. Generally, the rules for ADA signs include: Indoor signs must have non-glare backgrounds and characters, so they can be viewed easily by people with visual impairments. There must be a dark to light contrast on indoor signs that…

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Want Lobby Signs That Stand Out? Here Are Some Ideas

February 28, 2019

Lobby signs are far more than labels. They are powerful, influential symbols that represent what your business stands for and strives to achieve. And just as importantly, high-quality lobby signs act as signals that tell your customers, suppliers, vendors, and other visitors that your business’s best days are ahead of you. Here at The Sign…

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Indoor Signage That Gives Customers Confidence In Your Business

February 18, 2019

If you’re under the impression that customers don’t pay much attention to business signs, or believe that all business signs are basically the same — then think again! A study by FedEx in conjunction with Ketchum Global Analytics and Research revealed that a whopping 68 percent of customers believe a business’s outdoor and indoor signage…

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3 Ways Charlotte Vehicle Wraps Will Help Your Brand

February 8, 2019

If your business is looking for a high-impact and low-cost way to stand out and apart in Charlotte’s crowded and competitive marketplace, then top-quality vehicle wraps from The Sign Factory could be your ideal solution. Below are three key ways that our Charlotte vehicle wraps will help your brand: Drive Awareness through RepetitionHave you ever…

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Get The Best ROI For Your Dollar With Car Wraps In Charlotte, NC

January 29, 2019

Sometimes the best option for effective branding and promoting your company is as easy as making better use of the resources you have. Specifically, we’re talking about cars, service vans, or trucks sitting in your parking lot. Have you noticed car wraps in Charlotte, NC functioning as a roving billboard on wheels for other businesses? It’s time…

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4 Types Of Signs Healthcare Companies Need To Succeed

January 19, 2019

When’s the last time your healthcare practice updated your custom office signs? Did you know that patients form their first impressions based on the exterior of your facility, as well as the waiting room and reception areas? For example, worn or damaged healthcare signs, incorrect lobby signs, or missing ADA signs are all elements that…

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Corporate Office Signage To Create a Professional Workspace

January 14, 2019

When you first opened your office space, it was likely empty, beige, and boring. Moving in your office equipment and some décor added a little flair. But, does your office feel professional, well-established, and trustworthy? If you need to build a more professional workspace, there are three main types of custom interior office signs that can help.…

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