Corporate Office Signage To Create a Professional Workspace

January 14, 2019

When you first opened your office space, it was likely empty, beige, and boring. Moving in your office equipment and some décor added a little flair. But, does your office feel professional, well-established, and trustworthy? If you need to build a more professional workspace, there are three main types of custom interior office signs that can help.…

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Innovative Ways to Promote Your Brand Using Custom Signs

January 2, 2019

Finding new customers, suppliers, distributors, and even investors are all about catching their attention. Anyone who can help your business growth needs to get a strong first impression of your business, that will last. Custom signs can help you achieve that impression. In fact, as a sign company in North Carolina, we’ve seen our signs…

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Looking For A Sign Shop In Charlotte, NC? Here’s Why You Should Partner With The Sign Factory

December 29, 2018

As highlighted by the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, Charlotte is a global hub for business that in 2016 alone attracted more than 37,000 new residents. Indeed, while other urban centers around the country are seeing businesses shutter and people move away in search of opportunities, Charlotte is booming and creating jobs instead of eliminating them.…

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Increase Brand Awareness With Car Wraps In Charlotte

December 20, 2018

While other areas of the country are dealing with economic slowdowns, and some have not yet fully recovered (and may never) from the Great Recession, Charlotte is not just growing — it is booming! In fact, Charlotte’s whopping 59.6% population growth for the decade spanning 2006-2016 was the fastest in the entire country. This is great news…

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Opening A New Business? You Need These Signs

December 18, 2018

New businesses are an exciting venture, but it can feel a little overwhelming, too. One thing you might not have considered yet is your signage. You need a selection of interior and exterior signs to start your business, depending on what kind of business you have, of course. Our extensive work creating custom signs in…

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Do Your Lobby Signs & Office Signs Need An Upgrade?

December 13, 2018

When it comes to software, hardware, and equipment, businesses know that ongoing upgrades are part of the picture. Otherwise, instead of assets that drive competitive advantage and profitability, they will quickly become costly and risky liabilities. However, there is another area where upgrading is important to the bottom-line, yet is often overlooked: lobby signs and office signs.…

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Is Your Business Missing These Important Office Signs?

December 4, 2018

When businesses think of custom signs in Charlotte, NC, they usually picture architectural signage that is installed outside the building so prospective customers can find their location. While outdoor signs are very important, custom interior office signs are equally important and should be considered a very essential part of any successful business. Custom interior office…

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Opening A New Business? Here’s The Signage You Need

October 30, 2018

As a business owner preparing to launch your new venture, you most certainly have a lot on your mind. However, make sure you’re taking the time to build a strong architectural signage and environmental graphics strategy that will support your business success. In fact, your business signs will be one of the most important decisions…

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Is It Time To Upgrade Your Business Lobby Signs?

October 26, 2018

Your business lobby signs are typically the first point of interaction between your business and a potential client, once they enter your facility. Specifically, it can be what helps to determine the first impression of your business, and whether clients feel confident about your products and services. You need to make a good first impression if you…

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