Why Vehicle Graphics for Food Trucks in Indian Trail NC?

CNN once called Indian Trail one of the fastest growing locales in the state. Faithful to this statement, its business community, and consumer demographics, are increasing rapidly. With a growing population, there is a need for new hospitality venues, and food trucks are among the companies responding. Because the town places a concerted effort on community events that draw residents and visitors – cases in point are the July 4 and Christmas Parades – food truck owners and caterers redouble their efforts at being noticed. Contacting The Sign Factory to order vehicle graphics for food trucks in Indian Trail, NC, is one of the easiest ways of becoming more visible.

Benefits of Featuring Graphics on a Food Truck or Catering Company Vehicle

The typical food truck starts out as a nondescript vehicle. Its shape may give away its function, but there is very little else that identifies the business owner. Case in point is Two Chicks And A Truck. Our graphic artists worked with the business owners to put together a graphics package that brands the business, communicates its marketing message, and identifies it as a food truck. The vehicle now features the corporate name and logo, contact information, and a niche explanation.

Vans used to be the quintessential catering business vehicles. This rule no longer applies. Moe’s Southwest Grill, for example, uses a Hummer. Identifying the company’s corporate identity before the installation of a full wrap was next to impossible. Now, the vehicle features a bright yellow color, displays the enterprise’s name, contact information, catering notice, and niche images. To ensure full vehicle coverage that heightens the attention prospective customers pay to the display, we added perforated vinyl graphics that allow for a seamless continuation of the advertising information.

How to Upgrade the Look of any Hospitality Company’s Car, Truck, or Van

Our graphic artists identify three preferred means of enhancing the great look of a food truck or related vehicle.

  • 1. Menu board. Incorporating a menu board in your graphics package is as easy as having us add the graphics to the fold-up or foldout flap of your truck’s side. When you open up this spot to allow customers access to the order window, the back of the flap is blank. Add your menu board, which now displays neatly either above the window or next to it (depending on the vehicle’s mechanical setup.) If needed, we can also incorporate a menu board in a wrap’s overall design; this choice has the advantage of allowing for repeated displays all around the truck.
  • 2. A-frame sign. Heighten the vehicle’s appeal with a stand-alone A-frame sign that you place in the path of foot traffic. Alert hungry guests to your location and let everyone know that you are open for business. The A-frame makes a great starting point for lines to form, too.
  • 3. Flags. Catch the attention of nearby consumers with the display of a flag. These products come with weighted stands or grass spikes, which makes setup a snap. Some stand as tall as 12 feet, which is sure to get the attention of passersby. Feature corporate colors and a one or two-word message that demands attention.

Contact our experts today to learn more about vehicle graphics for food trucks in Indian Trail, NC.