Yes! You Need Coming Soon Banners to Announce Your Business!

Among the most important signage products any retailer or service provider can commission are “Coming Soon” banners for new businesses in Charlotte, NC. The combinations of the temporary signage, as well as the promise of a new company, pique the interest of consumers.

Banners Get Attention

The consumer understands the banner as a temporary notification of something that could be highly advantageous. This is the case for end-of-season sales, model-year-closeouts and parking lot sales. These types of banners have in common the temporary nature of the event and the deep discounts that savvy shoppers may enjoy for a brief time.

With respect to new businesses moving into an area, the banner brings this type of expectation to the table. Yet while a “Coming Soon” banner does not offer a deep discount, it does point at something new and potentially interesting and beneficial for the consumer. For this reason, even those who do not have an interest in the niche of the business will make the effort to visit the company once it is open for business.

Examples of Successful “Coming Soon” Banners

Griffin Home Health Care commissioned a banner that fulfills two very distinct functions.

1. Announces the imminent arrival of the business at the location.

2. Displays the tagline of the company, which results in the retention of a branding message.

OM Threading & Spa commissioned a banner that does not display any type of tagline but highlights the future opening of the company at this location. Since threading and spa services are currently in high demand, this sign puts consumers on notice to check back frequently for the company’s actual opening date.

Large or Small? How Soon is Too Soon?

We frequently discuss the need for banners with companies that are renovating storefronts. They usually want to know when to put up their banners. We typically recommend doing so as soon as you have signed the lease contract. The reasons are simple.

  • Generate a buzz. Get people talking about your business. Make consumers curious about what you have to offer.
  • Build name recognition. When your name is on display above your storefront, consumers take in its look and spelling. They become familiar with your name. When you send out direct mailers in advance of your grand opening celebration, your name is already a household name.
  • Heighten anticipation. When you put a “Coming Soon” sign out, passersby – and even other merchants – will be on the lookout for any hint when you are opening up. As a result, your next signage addition, a “Grand Opening” banner, will increase the buzz around your venue.

We generally suggest that the initial “Coming Soon” banner should be a bit on the smaller side so that the “Grand Opening” banner will surely overshadow it.

Ordering Your Banners Today

The “Coming Soon” banners Charlotte, NC, companies like to use are quick to put together. Although we recommend that you do not wait too long to put in your order, we can usually turn these around pretty quickly. Call us today to get started on your order.

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